one piece winged collar - Poppy Norton

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Poppy Norton

Without a fixed idea I wandered the maze of exhibits at the V&A taking note of any pieces that I was drawn to. Inspiration included a cape crafted with a single seam, chairs and a steel fire basket all formed from a single sheet of material, pressed and formed into the finished article. Such different items but all linked in their design process and minimal styling.

I was also inspired by styles of collars through the ages and how a decorative collar could be used to add interest and a sense of occasion to an otherwise plain outfit much like the addition of a piece of jewellery to an outfit. I was drawn to one particular shirt collar at the V&A, its simplicity and graphic nature linked it quite naturally to my other sources of inspiration. From here, I decided to combine these areas of interest, creating a brief to design a wearable neckpiece crafted from a single material without any joins.

These limitations shaped the design decisions, material choice became key. Experimenting with paper, card and plastic, it became clear that it would not be possible to achieve the crisp finish that I desired without the addition of joins or the reinforcing properties of a secondary material. I moved onto metal, particularly liking the idea of using a non-precious metal and elevating its appeal through the making process.

Inspired by the winged collar and button fastening found on a shirt, I have cut, etched, folded, shaped, polished and brushed a single sheet of brass to create a wearable neckpiece.

one piece winged collar - Poppy Norton

©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Inspiration details:

Josep Font for Delpozo

Women's ensemble of circle jacket, fringed white blouse, pale green tousers and beaded platform shoes.

V&A collection reference number(s):
T.54:1 to 5-2017, T.39&A-1974, CIRC.17-1970, W.26-1978, T.422-1971, N/A

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