Storm Looming - Carol Chadwick

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Artist Statement

Carol Chadwick

A watercolour has been my inspiration. I was drawn to it because it is not at all a pretty picture, and it does not use size to impress. However, this small and delicate image captures a huge landmass and immense weather phenomenon. I love the contrast of a powerful, stark subject, enclosed within a small frame!

As an abstract landscape painter I work in watercolour and relish using bold gestures and rich colours. The work that inspired me has a delicacy of touch that is in contrast to the title, and that intrigued me.

I wanted to attempt the same show in watercolour an impression of storm in the landscape and contain it within a small space. I wanted to capture that delicate touch, but use full strength colours for impact.

I have included as one of my images a preparatory study. The storm effect was captured, but I needed to clarify a sense of landscape as well as distance, and lighten my touch. I hope the final image does this.

Storm Looming - Carol Chadwick

©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Inspiration details:

Between Brixen and Bolzano, North Italy, Storm Effect



second half of 18th century

John Robert Cozens

slightly executed in pen and finished in colours

V&A collection reference number(s):
DYCE 718

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