Magic Platter - Greet Blom

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Artist Statement

Greet Blom

My piece is inspired by Magic Top. It consists of a trio of platters mimicking the three spinning tops in the set.
Each platter has a centre from which the pattern evolves. The first is round with a spiral pattern. The second has a geometric pattern based on triangles and a nine sided border. The final platter combines elements from the first two: spiralling elements going out from the centre and flat areas worked in the same technique as the triangles. This design is more fluid giving it an irregular outline.
I choose centre cane as my medium. During the course we dyed cane and worked on a platter design. The course covered making a slath, packing, 3-rod wale, 3-rod border with follow-on.
The spiral and geometric designs are mathematical, for the third platter I made a sketch.
The main colours of the spinning tops are blue, yellow, green and red. In my colour-scheme I replaced red by purple. Some weavers and the stakes I used undyed, the rest of the weavers and the border stakes were dyed.
The centre of the geometric platter is a 5#5 slath using pairing. The other two start the same way, but after 4 rows of pairing I cut a stake and started a 4-rod wale (in front of 2, behind 2) using one different coloured rod, setting up the spiral pattern.
The spiral platter I continued waling (different numbers of rods) to create the swirling effect. It is divided into sections by two circles of waling.
The geometric platter, similarly divided, features packing. More waling separates areas of packing.
Areas of packing in the third platter have been separated by waling followed by a round of pairing. Five spiral elements overlay the design.
All three platters feature a 3-rod border with follow-on.

Magic Platter - Greet Blom

©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Inspiration details:

Magic Top

Set of spinning tops

Japan (manufactured)



V&A collection reference number(s):
MISC.702:1 to 7-1992

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