RIPPED - Gillian D’ambrosio

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Artist Statement

Gillian D’ambrosio

I have drawn many items on location in the wonderful collections at the V and A in a weekly sketching class run by Open Age Westminster, for residents over 50, in the last four years. This class has become the highlight of our week for many of us! We have learnt to use different techniques and materials and hone our observational skills. I have also elaborated some of the artwork produced in the sessions at home.
I am particularly drawn to the sculptures in room 21 and this beautifully sculted torso in particular. I enjoy trying to give a three dimensional effect to my work. In this piece I have attempted to capture the morphology of the sculpture through a cross contour study in achival ink on tracing paper overlaying the original drawing. It is displayed with a contrasting border that has been ripped: symbolising for me the ‘revelation’ of this treasure of the museum through studying it in detail ..... the title also playfully alludes to the very muscular nature of the torso.

RIPPED - Gillian D’ambrosio

©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Inspiration details:

Torso of Banovic Strahinja


Serbia (made)


Ivan Meštrovic

Carved marble

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