Love , light and strength - Janine Greenberg

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Artist Statement

Janine Greenberg

Angels have been a recurring theme in my work for many years. Based on my strong belief in Spirit and a power greater than myself, I have been guided on this journey.
I have recently had a crisis of faith due to some difficult personal issues. By reconnecting with my spiritual belief system I have been able to navigate through this trying time.
I was inspired to reconnect with the angels of LOVE, LIGHT and STRENGTH .
Love- Opening ones heart to the infinite wisdom of the Universe. Touched by an Angel.
Light- The flame that sustains all life, illuminating the way to love, truth and peace.
Strength- To harness the Energies of the Universe and to use them wisely.
The tree of life forms the backdrop from which all life, and knowledge evolved.

My glass panel is to honour all of these concepts

Judith Schaechter’s quote about happiness and what appears negative or depressing struck a chord with me.
“What we forget…is that happiness is more than pleasure sans pain. The things that bring us the greatest joy carry the potential for disappointment. Today, surrounded, by promises of easy happiness, we need someone to tell us that it is ok not to be happy, that sadness makes happiness deeper.
My idea initially, was to use the techniques that inspired me from Judith Schaechter’s work, but after my sketches in pencil, I liked the use of a limited palette, the background painted in black on spectrum glass and the Angels highlighted using coloured flash glass and sandblasting.
The darkness of the background with light filtering through, symbolic of pain with the possibility of transformation into hope, bringing us to the angels aglow with colour. The copper foiling allowed freedom to decide where to join the pieces.

Love , light and strength - Janine Greenberg

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Judith Schaechter

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C.72-2004, 942.1907

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