Pumpkin - Wendy Tanner

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Artist Statement

Wendy Tanner

I have always had an interest in Kate Malones’s work and the first time I saw a piece in the flesh was at the V&A.
After seeing her work on display, I started to look at her collections over the years and loved her passion for natural forms.
When I started on my course at The Redbridge Institute, I took inspiration from her works and started to create my own take on the theme.
I photographed and sketched a variety of fruits and vegetables and I then decided to hand build my own pumpkin from white earthenware.
After bisque firing I was pleased with the outcome so I invested in some glazes to be able to complete the piece.
I wanted the piece to have a bright kitsch look so went for vibrant colours when choosing the glazes.
When the finished work came out the kiln I was delighted with the end result and it has now given me the confidence to create a whole collection of large fruit and veg.

Pumpkin - Wendy Tanner

©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

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