Untitled - Sarrah El-Bushra

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Artist Statement

Sarrah El-Bushra

The work takes inspiration from the middle eastern calligraphy used to decorate many of the objects displayed in the Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art at the V&A museum. I have developed abstract calligraphy by fusing and distorting Arabic and English calligraphy to illustrate my dual cultural heritage and ideas about mixed cultural identity and belonging. The work utilises a mixture of traditional and contemporary methods: an original ink drawing on paper was scanned and then mirrored and repeated digitally before being printed onto fabric. The work reflects nature by using inks made from natural pigments, henna and charcoal, mixed in a traditional manner.

Much of the calligraphy in the gallery has a vertical emphasis. The text flows and overlaps and is often arranged in a horizontal format, as a frieze or around a vessel. The submitted work uses vertical marks but subverts the verticality by rotating the image on the fabric.

Untitled - Sarrah El-Bushra

©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Inspiration details:

Mosque Lamp

Egypt (probably, made) Syria (possibly, made)



Glass, enamelled and gilt

V&A collection reference number(s):
322-1900, 1105-1900, C.47-1964, 1481 to B-1876, 483-1864, 328-1900

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