Slug Headpiece - Louise Clark

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Artist Statement

Louise Clark

I am inspired by the beauty of the natural world, and am particularly interested in those creatures which are traditionally unpopular, such as spiders, insects and slugs. I want to make people look again at these and show them the beauty in something they may have overlooked. The Nodder slug print which inspired me makes the slug into an aesthetically pleasing artwork, and I wanted to make it into a beautiful accessory. My Slug Headpiece is made from traditional millinery materials, such as buckram, Petersham ribbon and beads, and is constructed using traditional techniques, but is anything but traditional in its subject matter.

Slug Headpiece - Louise Clark

©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Inspiration details:


Great Britain

ca. 1789 - 1813

Richard Polydore Nodder

Hand-coloured engraving print on paper (with watermark)

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