Crossing Borders - Shirley Hunter

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Artist Statement

Shirley Hunter

This piece is part of a series inspired by visits to the Jameel Gallery. I was focussed on the calligraphic, arabesque and geometric lines and shapes found throughout the pieces in this gallery. I have a fascination with the repetition and rhythm of these marks as a means of recording and transporting stories across time, geography and cultures. The imagery in the gallery led me to explore my own marks as they travel across a textile surface and how they are affected by folding as a means of viewing parts of the whole. Folding, unfolding and arranging the segments reveals and creates new views and relationships - something previously dismissed or unnoticed catches the eye in a new and unexpected way, prompting a further look into what might possibly be there.

Crossing Borders - Shirley Hunter

©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Inspiration details:


Istanbul (probably, made)



Fritware painted under the glaze

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