Metal lace pendant - Joanna Vignola

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Joanna Vignola

I have gazed at this particular exhibit for many years, fascinated by the richness, variety and beauty of the flowers, leaves and insects so finely embroidered. I looked at most exhibits at the museum and came back every time to this piece. My idea for a piece of jewellery inspired by the lovely embroidery came when I was using pieces of black antique lace to stitch onto a favourite cashmere cardigan to hide some moth damage. I have always worked in the fashion industry making patterns and collection samples and I like to customise vintage clothing.
I composed an image using some of the flowers and leaves from the embroidery. The design was then acid etched in copper and oxidised to look like black lace . It is tube riveted to a support of acrylic in a soft blue, I like the way the black metal looks with a blue background, as well as looking good on any skin colour.
I wanted to include some insects, the oxidised and burnished butterfly is also riveted through to the acrylic base. There are moths and a dragonfly, sterling silver, oxidised and burnished , attached with silver chain.
I see my piece worn across like a breastplate or at an angle to one side like an old-fashioned corsage.

Metal lace pendant - Joanna Vignola

©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

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I M 13 - 1930

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