Magnolia - Alison Watt-Cooper

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Artist Statement

Alison Watt-Cooper

This print evolved from a sketch of a Jin dynasty stoneware vase,from the 12th or 13th Century. I was fascinated by the many colours emerging from the blue glaze on this vase and made a sketch as I was attracted by it's shape. The design in the glaze reminded me of the leaves of a magnolia and an open flower with it's petals turning back. It crossed my mind that this lovely flower would not reach Western Europe for many centuries after this potter decorated this pot. Looking at the design on the vase made me examine magnolia branches and buds and make sketches of the flower buds and branches. These line drawings were then reproduced on two polycarbonate plates. As the flowers stood out starkly against a clear evening sky this was included as a rolled on background on the second plate.

Magnolia - Alison Watt-Cooper

©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Inspiration details:


China (made)

12th century - 13th century


Stoneware, painted and glazed

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