Longevity - Siobhan Howatson

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Artist Statement

Siobhan Howatson

As I enter the V & A I am immediately overwhelmed by the atmosphere. The low mumblings and the musty essence of the different rooms. The excitement and anticipation of my favourite gallery. I am drawn to the Chinese space where I am inspired to photograph and draw a little Chinese wine pot. A small unassuming piece with coloured enamels in various patterns.

Wine pot in the shape of Shou (longevity character)

Breaking down the various elements of the piece, deconstructing the shapes and considering it's origin I have etched copper and silver with Chinese writing and then forged a three pointed shape, making chain and small connections the enamelling the surface.

The intention is to give the piece a sense of time and intrigue.

Longevity - Siobhan Howatson

©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Inspiration details:

Wine pot




Porcelain painted in coloured enamels

V&A collection reference number(s):
C1263, 1910

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