The Pauldron - Marsha Reeves

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Artist Statement

Marsha Reeves

On My visit to the V&A I was drawn to the evening gown. When I started to draw it I needed to concentrate to follow the lines of the weave of the fabric, I sat cross-legged on the floor and soon realised that time had flown. This is the feeling I get when in class, time goes so quickly yet every moment is enjoyed.
The knitted lurex gown reminded me of being wrapped in chain mail. It encloses the wearer as though it were there for protection yet at the same time it is sensual and fluid. I wanted to use a material that would have strength and rigidity but at the same time appear fluid. I also found when drawing the gown that I was mesmerised by the lines and my drawings for my design I became lost within the lines. After much research I discovered the art of metal folding, I bought a book and here we are. The metal provided the elements that I was looking for and etching gave me the hypnotic lines.
I wanted this piece of jewellery to protect yet highlight a part of the body and the size and shape seemed perfect for the shoulder.

The Pauldron - Marsha Reeves

©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

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Evening coat and hat




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