Pelt Necklace - Kishi Yamamoto

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Artist Statement

Kishi Yamamoto

I've always been fascinated by this tiger fur motif often used with circle/s in Ottoman textiles. It stands out being so different from any other designs in the Ottoman era. It's modern, almost surrealistic, and very mysterious. The New York Met interprets the circles as cintamani - Hindu and Buddhist equivalent of the philosopher's stone. V&A describes the circles as spotted leopard. Either way, I am mesmerised every time I see these wavy lines floating about on textiles or ceramics. This is the first time I tried to incorporate the motif into jewellery. It was important to have the pair of wavy lines together but not attached, maintaining a kind of harmonic independence. I did not want the whole piece to be metallic so I used whipped cotton to go round the neck. Being a beginner with metalwork, it was technically challenging but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Pelt Necklace - Kishi Yamamoto

©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Inspiration details:

Velvet fragment


ca. 1450-1550


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