Dancer - Yuri Popov

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Artist Statement

Yuri Popov

The work I am submitting was inspired initially by the Sevres porcelain figure of The Dancer by Agathon Leonard at the V&A. My aim was to express the ideas of movement and static tension in the figure of the flamenco dancer. By its nature sculpture is motionless, and I have tried to communicate movement by creating animated, light-reflecting surfaces, especially in the folds of the dancer's swirling skirt.

The main problem to overcome has been to keep the various elements of the composition equally interesting and credible from all viewpoints. Especially important were the voids formed by her arms, skirt and torso, problems that I have tried to solve by preparatory sketches. In these my aim has been to define silhouettes with vigorous lines that draw the eye from one part of the body to the next.

Dancer - Yuri Popov

©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

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Agathon LĂ©onard

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