A Tidal A - Z - Nicola Atchley

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Artist Statement

Nicola Atchley

I love the sea, watching it, listening to it, swimming in it, feeling the movement, the energy, the power and the space. I have made sketches of different seas throughout the seasons and in all weathers. I aim to capture the colour, the movement, the mood and the light of each sea; calm seas, stormy seas, rough seas and I have primarily selected the waters I have swum in. I have looked at prints and drawings in the V&A collection which has helped me produce this work.

Seeking to put these drawings together, to reflect the continual motion of the water and the repetition of the wave movement, I have used a rolodex to hold over 250 prints that I have made from my sketches, I have used a variety of print techniques for these; linocut, woodcut, collagraph and monoprint.

The individual cards are separated by the 24 dividers and I used an old typewriter to inform the reader of each watery location and about the sea that day; the place, the light, the weather.

I want the viewer to move through the images to see and feel the changing patterns of the water, almost as one would watch the ocean waves breaking before you.

A Tidal A - Z - Nicola Atchley

©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Inspiration details:

Hosshoji no Nyudo Saki no Nanpaku Dajo Daijin



circa 1835-1839

Katsushika Hokusai

Black ink on paper

V&A collection reference number(s):
E.3716-1910, E.4823-1916

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